Our Mission

The mission of the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico is to educate people to make positive choices that help build and sustain healthy families and a violence-free environment.

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We help victims with orders of protection and make referrals to legal aids and other agencies that will help them with the legal issues.

Individual Therapy

Designed for Children, Victims and Perpetrators, individual therapy sessions help the person explore the choices they have made and are given options and insight to new choices that will take them to live violence-free lives.

Group Therapy

In group therapy people learn from each other through sharing experiences, and are guided by a facilitator to understand the importance of identifying patterns of behaviors that they themselves or their partners can exhibit so that they can make good choices in time that will start creating a violence-free environment for their family.

Emergency Shelter

The emergency Shelter is available 24 hr a day 7 days a week. It is designated for victims in dangerous situations. It is a place where they are provided with free food, shelter and education about making the correct choices to start the path for a better future.

All our services are bilingual.

All our services are free with the exception of court mandated therapy.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico is:

  • To educate people on making choices that will help them build and sustain healthy families and violence-free environments.
  • Develop innovative programming that drives results in the long term for victims, perpetrators, and children who have lived in violent environments.
  • Fulfill emergency needs for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Our Profile

The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico (CCNNM) main office is located in Espanola, New Mexico and has been serving the northern New Mexico community since 1992. We maintain a strong presence in the northern part of the state to fulfill the needs of the community by providing innovative programming that creates opportunities for long term results.

The CCNNM is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that is funded through various Federal, New Mexico, public and private foundations, and general fundraising. We are also a United Way agency for northern New Mexico.