Social Media Tool Kit for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is national Domestic Violence awareness month. Our communities are affected by Intimate Partner Violence in ways that affect its people and the environment we live under.  The Nation Coalition Against Domestic Violence has helped us by providing a useful social media tool kit for several platforms like twitter and Facebook that helps… Continue reading

Banner Contest show cases talented youth.

Best Friends Walk Together Banner Contest.

On September 23 after the Family Violence awareness walk, we had the opportunity to enjoy creative banners made for the banner contest. The theme was anti-bullying and some of our community’s youth impressed the crowd with their message and their artistic vision.  It was a privilege to be able to make a statement by filling the streets with purple colors, and also have been able to make an impact in our youth.

The winning banner expressed the anti-bully sentiment in clear artistic way. Congratulations to all the participants. Thank you to all that joined our awareness walk including the Espanola Fire Department, The Espanola Police Department, The Pojoaque Police Department, The Espanola High School ROTC, and all the people who believe in violence-free environments.