Thank You Curves Espanola

The Crisis Center of Northern Mexico would like to thank all of the people at Curves Espanola and the supporters that came out to show their commitment to help victims of Domestic Violence.

The Event held on August 2nd, 2012 was filled with energetic and enthusiastic people that never hesitated to provide support for the mission of the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico.

Special thanks to Amy Archuleta, owner of Curves Espanola for putting all the effort of bringing together a fun evening for all of us.

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Health philosophies that go beyond physical wellness.

Espanola, New Mexico, 7/16/2012 – The local Curves branch goes beyond their physical wellness for women mission to support victims and survivors of domestic violence in living healthy life styles.  Their goal is to partner up with the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico (CCNNM) to heal women who have suffered abuse in their lives.

Such a partnership came about through the idea that women’s health goes beyond the exercise and healthy dieting.  Women’s health is also about getting education that prevents them from falling into domestic abuse situations.  Curves Espanola understands this very well and found a way to engage women in health practices that cover both phases.

Curves Espanola and CCNNM will provide an opportunity for women of this community to blend all aspects of their health. “It is important that everyone understands that healthy bodies are just part of a whole; and that if women want live healthy life styles they should be educated to avoid dangerous situations that result in unhealthy living.” Said Ramon Garcia assistant director of CCNNM.  The benefits that this brings to the community can range from healthy eating habits, exercising properly, to identifying and ultimately avoiding dangerous personal relationships.

Curves Espanola will host a ZUMBATHON event that will benefit victims of Domestic Violence.  The event will take place on Curves Espanola, 1227 N. Railroad Avenue on August 2, 2012 from 6 PM to 8 PM.  There will be a minimum donation of five dollars to participate.  All proceeds will be donated to the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico.

Curves Espanola offers a complete fitness and nutrition solution for women in the community. In addition, club promotions and events encourage women to support charitable causes, learn about health-related issues and forge lasting friendships as part of the global Curves community.  By partnering with CCNNM, Curves Espanola supports the over-all health aspects that make up women’s health for all the women in Espanola.

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Honor the Women in your Life.

Honor the Women in your life 2012Children from mothers who survive domestic violence understand the tremendous strength it takes to reach a point of stability in their families.  Their struggles and victories become part of the experience, love, and care that they inherit to their children.  Each day of victory for them continues to bestow strong values of will and courage in their children. The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico continues to support those mothers by providing the essential skills and education and give them the tools necessary to continue protecting the children they love and care for.

This mothers day we must always remember those women in our lives that have protected us from harm and suffering.  Their will and strength to survive and continue will always be honored and supported.

We created the mothers day yearly event to honor those women who have given us care and love each day. This year we’ll have it at Anthony’s at the Delta on May 11th.

All proceeds will be dedicated to help and support all those mothers victims of Domestic Violence who are still struggling to keep themselves and their children safe. Call the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico and start making a difference with your contribution.

Happy mothers day.

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Words from Carol

This audio piece gives some insight on the approach of the Crisis Center regarding violence in the home.Words from Carol

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Carol Merriweather advocates for Healthy Families

Here is Carol, Executive Director at Crisis Center of Nothern New Mexico advocating at Senator’s Udall’s office in Washington D.C.  The last week of January was cold in D.C. but Carol proved that she could handle anything to get the message to our senator that it is important to support families to help them make choices that build and sustain healthy familes.

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We hope that everyone enjoys the new year and that it is filled with positive opportunities to build strong familes and violence-free environments for all of us.

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Thank you for the Donations

The holidays are here.  The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico wants to wish everyone a happy season, and thank you for all your kind donations for our shelter this season.  They are making a difference in the lives of many people.

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Strong Partnerships, Strong Families

The Crisis Center is committed to providing education on choices for families in our community.  Raising children and providing a non violent environment  in which they can grow in safety and security is the goal of every parent in our community.  The Espanola Public Schools and Hispanic Communication Network are important partners in this effort of bring families the tools they need to support their efforts.

This week we all came together to work toward the goal.  With expert media materials provided by HCN we were pleased to distribute the material with the help of the Espanola School District.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to meet so many dedicated school professionals that share our vision for our community.  We are also delighted to have been able to provide information that parents need to support their strong families and seek resources that may help them as they raise the next generation.

We look forward to our continuing partnership with the School District and the Community as we move forward in our efforts to education parents and partners in ways to provide healthy families and strong violence free communities.

Carol Merriweather

Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico

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The Crisis Center went out to the Española School District on Monday, November 15.  With the help of our partners, school district and the Hispanic Communications Network, we delivered over 3,000 packets of information regarding the effects of Domestic Violence on Children.

The packet containing informational brochures and a video that was produced locally that describes the effects of violence on children and the potential harm it can do to them in the long term.

Special thanks to all Crisis Center staff that went out to each school on the district and handed out one of these informational packets to each kid in each of the district’s schools.

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Espanola Public School District Families – Watch For Our Package

Domestic Violence has devastating effects on your children… it changes them for life.

The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico can help your family with our FREE programs and services.

  • Safe shelter 24/7
  • Legal advocacy
  • Individual / group therapy
  • Anti-bully education programs

During the week of November 15th Espanola Public School District families will receive a unique package with important information including a film on DVD featuring local celebrity actor, Eric Martinez.

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