Who Are The Bullies?

A common myth is that all bullies are boys. This is not true.

Find our who the bullies are.

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Educating kids to make good choices for violence-free schools


The Anti-Bully program focuses on those kids who are witnesses of bullying at school and are not necessarily a bully or a victim. It provides them with the language, the skills, and the tools necessary to stop and discourage bullying behaviors.

The program allows kids to create an environment that is more conducive to learning. Understanding how to deal with bullies and also how to be good friends enables kids to absorb academic materials better.

The Facts

  • 60% of kids are exposed to violence indirectly or directly each year.
  • Nearly half of students in schools are assaulted in school each year, and 1 out of 10 of the assaults resulted in injuries.
  • 10% of children see a family member assault another family member.
  • Nearly 40% who are assaulted suffer victimization at least twice a year.
  • Children are 2 times more likely to witness or experience violence than adults.
  • 15% of children are exposed to violence with weapons.

In School

  • 77% of students accross the U.S have been bullied. 14% of those have suffered severe phisical and mental abuse.
  • 8% of students miss at least one day per month because of bullying.
  • 13% of students confess to having been bullies.
  • 11% of bullies have been bullied in the past.
  • 60% of those identified as bullies when they were in grades 6-9, were involved in at least one criminal conviction by age 24.