The Children’s Program

Domestic Violence impacts children in a very profound way. Children who witness and suffer from Domestic Violence suffer serious consequences such as loss of confidence and sense of safety.

Goals of the Program:

Children develop healthier when feeling secure in their environment
  1. Promote resiliency in Children
  2. Strengthen the bond between domestic violence survivors and their children
  3. Build healthy coping skills and reduce trauma responses in children birth through 18 yrs.

Our program implements the Circle of Security Method to achieve these goals. This method is based on attachment research and trauma-informed. This means that our professionals don’t focus on to-do techniques, such as giving changing to a healthier diet, enrolling in extra curricular activities, etc; instead, we focus and helping the parent or caregiver understanding their role as parents, their relationship with the world, and their children’s needs.

Model taken from

If you would like to find our how our program can benefit you and your children you may call us at 1-505-753-1656 or write us an email HERE.

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