Tips for Order of Protection Violations

Orders of protection documents signed by a judge to help you be safe from Abuse or Harassment. Use these three tips if your perpetrator violates the order.

1. Document all violations: Keep track of dates and times. It is important to have a good record of the sequence of events if violations occur constantly. If the perpetrator sends you texts; save them on a screenshot. Screenshots will keep a time stamp also. If you are not sure how to do a screenshot on your phone look it up on the web there are tons of resources to help you. Click Here for some tips on most phones.

2. Call the police:  Your Order of Protection has the terms written in it. Keep the order of protection with you at all times so that you can show police in what ways it is being violated.

3. Plan for Safety: If your feel threatened take the necessary steps to create a safety plan. Seek advice from your local Domestic Violence shelter.


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