About Us

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico is:

  • To educate people on making choices that will help them build and sustain healthy families and violence-free environments.
  • Develop innovative programming that drives results in the long term for victims, perpetrators, and children who have lived in violent environments.
  • Fulfill emergency needs for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Our Profile

The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico (CCNNM) main office is located in Espanola, New Mexico and has been serving the northern New Mexico community since 1992. We maintain a strong presence in the northern part of the state to fulfill the needs of the community by providing innovative programming that creates opportunities for long term results.

The CCNNM is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that is funded through various Federal, New Mexico, public and private foundations, and general fundraising. We are also a United Way agency for northern New Mexico.

Our Vision:  The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico wants to build communities where violence is not tolerated and everyone understands the key elements of healthy inter-personal relationships.

Our Mission: The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico educates people on building and sustaining healthy relationships and violence-free environments.

Our Core Values

Leadership: We take responsibility for the issues that affect our community in regards to violence.

Knowledge: We work with a strong foundation of knowledge of our people, community, and government.

Receptive: We acknowledge that everyone carries different experiences and we work towards understanding and mentoring all levels.

Honesty: We communicate with honesty and always hold up to our promises.

Cooperation: We establish strong partnerships of mutual cooperation. We understand that a community is stringer than the individual.

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