Good Decisions. Healthy Families. Strong Communities

Our mission is to educate people on making healthy choices and building a violence-free environment.  We strive to provide people in communities with the best resources and knowledge to improve their lives.

We are a Service Provider for Victims of Domestic Violence.  Our focus is safety and community resources.  We are an emergency shelter for Victims and Children escaping Domestic Abuse. Call 1-800-206-1656 24/7 for assistance.  For orders of protection call our main office number. Walk-ins are welcome.

Who We Are?

The Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico (CCNNM) main office is located in Espanola, New Mexico and has been serving the northern New Mexico community since 1992. We maintain a strong presence in the northern part of the state to fulfill the needs of the community by providing innovative programming that creates opportunities for long term results.

What We Do

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