52 week batters intervention has opened up in Rio Arriba April 2023 and is now supporting surrounding counties such as Santa Fe and Los Alamos.

The Batterer’s Intervention program is a 52-week program aimed at breaking the cycle of violence perpetrated by the offender with these goals in mind:
Cessation of physical and emotional violence. To encourage the offender to become accountable to those he has abused, to take whatever actions are necessary to comply with the safety needs of his partner, and to make restitution for the effects of the abuse.
To assist the offender in understanding that his acts of violence, abuse, and use of power and privilege are a means of controlling the victim’s actions, thoughts and feelings. To encourage the offender to acknowledge that his abusive behavior is a choice and to accept responsibility for its impact on his victims and others.
To expand the offenders understanding of the cause of his violence and abuse by examining the cultural, social, and personal factors that influence his choice to be violence and abuse. To teach the offender practical skills for non-controlling and non-violent ways of relating to his partner.